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Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts in Scotland
Conveyor Belting Solutions. Available for installations in Scotland.
Plastic Modular Conveyors in Scotland
We can design and create plastic modular conveyor belts for use in Scotland.
Flat Drive Belts in Scotland
If you need flat drive belts or machine tape we can help. Based in Glasgow, Scotland we can advise on all aspects of these conveyor belts.
Forbo Siegling's Scottish Partner for more than 50 years
Belting and Mechanical have been partners with Forbo Siegling belts in Scotland since the 1950's.
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Conveyor Belts Scotland

Conveyor Belts,Plastic Modular &Flat drive Belts Scotland

Belting and Mechanical are experts in conveyor belts, based in Scotland. We specialise in all types of conveyor belts, including plastic modular conveyor belts and flat drive belts.

We deal with all aspects from installation & fitting, through to repair maintenance and conveyor belt upgrades.

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